Peter Markus

On the Eye of a Bird

The eye of a bird: a hole for us to see through. Look through it with me now. See past the black dot. The eye of the bird is a door to step through, walk through, to be in a house, a house of one door that leads to the next door, a house of eyes, a house made of birds, a house made of birds in a woods, a house in a woods where up on its roof birds sit perched, or is it just one bird that sits up top on this house in this woods, a bird perched, or is it trapped, in its bird song, a bird that sings, a bird that when it sings its black beak of a bird mouth is a door, a door to a new house, a house that is not a house in a woods, or is it a house that is in this house, a hole for us to see through, a house of words for us to be. Look through it with me now, look not with just your eye but look with your ear, hear it with me now. A bird. A house. A door. Say eye. It is your eye that you see. The bird that is you sings back. This is your song.